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As I mentioned in the video, your repair shop or dealership should be explaining your estimates and repairs more thoroughly.


You should understand what is important and what is not important.


You should be informed on the importance of each repair or service and why you need it.


They should be asking you what your goals are for the car. Who drives it? How often do you drive it? Are you sending your kid to collage in it or do you keep it for family to run around in when they are in town? Are you about trade it in? These are things that matter when you are making decisions on the repairs you need.


After that you need a repair plan. And by repair plan I mean the repairs you need should be listed in order of importance. Can you afford to do them all at once or do you need to spread them out?


If you have an estimate that you do not understand why or what you need, click the link below and set up an appointment.